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Sunday, February 4th, 2018 - Category: Mat
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  • British Broadcasting Corporation.
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    mat1  (mat),USA pronunciation n., v.,  mat•ted, mat•ting. 
    1. a piece of fabric made of plaited or woven rushes, straw, hemp, or similar fiber, or of some other pliant material, as rubber, used as a protective covering on a floor or other surface, to wipe the shoes on, etc.
    2. a smaller piece of material, often ornamental, set under a dish of food, a lamp, vase, etc.
      • the padded canvas covering the entire floor of a wrestling ring, for protecting the contestants from injury when thrown.
      • a thick pad placed on the floor for the protection of tumblers and others engaged in gymnastic sports.
    3. a thickly growing or thick and tangled mass, as of hair or weeds.
    4. a sack made of matting, as for coffee or sugar.
    5. a slablike footing of concrete, esp. one for an entire building.
    6. a heavy mesh reinforcement for a concrete slab.
    7. go to the mat, to contend or struggle in a determined or unyielding way: The President is going to the mat with Congress over the proposed budget cuts.

    1. to cover with or as if with mats or matting.
    2. to form into a mat, as by interweaving.

    1. to become entangled;
      form tangled masses.
    matless, adj. 

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